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East Midlands - Top 10 Golf Courses 2017

England’s East Midlands is the first of seven regional updates that will inform our national English rankings, our Britain and Ireland rankings and our World Top 100, all of which will be released later this year. East Midlands is not on the tourist trail, but travelling golfers have at least one course in this region on their bucket list.

East Midlands - Top 10 Golf Courses 2017

Response to Course Reviews

Chantilly (Vineuil)

Rating is certainly subjective. To me this is the best golf experience I have had on the continent (haven't played Morfontaine). It is "grande". Even more so if...

Trinity Forest

I could not agree more with you. Definitely think this course will not bring credibility to the Byron. Felt it was an uninspiring course that was slapped togeth...

Berwick-upon-Tweed - Goswick Links

You are definitely cracking jokes to suggest The Glen and Elie are better than Goswick. Glen 7/10, Elie 7, Gullane 2 8, Dunbar 8.4, Goswick 8.5.

National (L'Albatros)

I can relate to your words - a disappointing course for me too, yes great tournament holes at the 1st and the 2nd - and a few more decent water holes late on bu...