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Welcome to Walt’s World

It has always seemed to me that the course at Augusta National Golf Club in Georgia, where the year’s first major, the Masters, begins on Thursday, is the nearest we’ll ever get to seeing Disney’s lunatic land for real.

Welcome to Walt’s World

Response to Course Reviews

Royal St David's

I too was disappointed with RSD and feel it's overrated. I'm sure this site doesn't factor vfm into the equation when ranking courses otherwise the rankings wou...

Royal North Devon

Wow, the beauty of subjectivity with 2 opposing views and scores within 2 reviews. It is a forum where no-one is right and no-one is wrong ! I can appreciate yo...


Formby has always been biennially ranked within the GB&I Top 100 - lowest ranking #48 and highest #32.

Cruden Bay (Championship)

Oh boo hoo. A decent golfer had a bad day on an excellent course and blames the course. Shock!If all courses were the same then we would be bored indeed. The gr...