The largest and most populous continent in the world, Asia covers around one third of the land area on Earth. More than half of all the people on the planet – approximately four and a half billion individuals – reside within a vast continent that’s bounded by the Arctic Ocean to the north, the Pacific Ocean to the east, the Indian Ocean to the south and the continent of Europe to the west. Reference books include Middle Eastern countries within Asia but we keep a separate section for golfing nations located in that western region of the continent. Similarly, Russia and Turkey, which straddle the Europe-Asia frontier, are listed within our Continental European golf course rankings.

China is by far the largest country within our geographical definition of Asia and we profile thirty of its best courses, several of which are located offshore, on Hainan Island. In addition to these top tracks, we also maintain ranking lists for layouts in the Chinese territories of Hong Kong and Taiwan. Further to the east, courses in South Korea and Japan are both heavily featured whilst a further 3,000 kilometres to the south, you’ll find a Top 20 listing for golf facilities in the Philippines.

Further south again, in the heart of southeast Asia, all the recognised golfing centres are endowed with national ranking charts. In the maritime region, Indonesia boasts a Top 20 table, Singapore a Top 15 and Malaysia a Top 30. On the mainland, Vietnam enjoys a Top 10 chart whilst we also promote a Top 40 for the popular tourist destination of Thailand. Travelling westwards, we highlight some of the best golfing tracks to be found in the cricket and hockey-mad nation of India and the ten layouts listed for that country brings the total number of golf courses appearing within our Asian section to approximately 200.

An interesting statistic to emerge from a recent R&A report entitled “Golf around the World 2015” was that there were 244 military courses in Asia, with most of them located in India, Thailand, Pakistan and South Korea. The continent saw 185 new courses debut between 2010 and 2014 and 92 of 207 planned new facilities were under construction at the end of 2014. To see the full report, click this R&A link then download the appropriate free publication.

Top 100 Golf Courses - Asia

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