Ecuador lies to the north west of South America and is one of only two nations on the continent that has no border with continental powerhouse Brazil. The Spanish conquered the country in the early 16th century and it would take until 1822 before Ecuador gained Independence from Spain.

Even the hemispheres get together and have fun in Ecuador. Just half an hour north of Quito, you can put one foot in the northern hemisphere while the other is in the south.

The city of Quito – San Fransisco del Quito to give it its proper title – was formerly the capital of the Inca Empire. It’s now the capital of Ecuador and it lies on a plateau to the east of the Pichincha volcano and it’s one of the highest capitals in the world, with a population of around one and a half million people. Laid out on a north-south axis, the city measures around 25 miles long by only 3 miles wide and it’s here where three of the eight Ecuadorian golf courses are located.

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With lush fairways, true greens and many trees, including olive and eucalyptus, Quito Golf Club is certainly a golf course well worth playing if you have included Ecuador on your golfing itinerary.


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