North America

Our definition of North America excludes countries in the Central American and Caribbean regions. In the frozen north, the substantial landmass of Greenland is geographically part of the continent but again, it’s not included, largely because of the country’s political and cultural ties with Europe. Therefore, our version of North America extends to Canada, the United States of America, Mexico and the British Overseas Territory of Bermuda, where we showcase five of the nine golf courses to be found on this lovely semi-tropical island in the middle of the Atlantic.

At the bottom end of the continent, Mexico boasts a Top 30 ranking chart, with the number 1 and 2 courses – Diamante (Dunes) and Cabo del Sol (Ocean) – good enough to make our World Top 100. Way further north, above the International Boundary, we rank over a hundred Canadian courses, sub-divided within the ten provinces and three territories of the Great White North.

Sandwiched between Mexico and Canada, the United States of America has over 1,200 courses featured in our various listings. A hundred different layouts occupy positions in the national chart but, by maintaining Best in State rankings for each of the fifty states in the USA, we’re able to exhibit more than a thousand additional courses throughout this vast nation.

Top 100 Golf Courses - North America

We’ve yet to create a ranking for this continent, please use “Select a Country” to search for top ranked courses.