Northern Mariana Islands

Saipan, the largest island of the USA’s Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands, is one of fifteen tropical islands belonging to the Marianas archipelago in the western Pacific Ocean. Situated around 120 miles north of Guam, it covers an area of around 44 square miles with sandy beaches on the west of the island and rocky cliffs on the east side.Saipan competes with Guam for the large number of Japanese tourists who flock to its shores and it has the distinction of being the fastest growing island in Micronesia with the number of golf courses on the island now totalling seven. 

Top 100 Golf Courses - Northern Mariana Islands

Lao Lao Bay (East)

1st Northern Mariana Islands Ranking

The East is the premier of the two Lao Lao Bay courses and it’s laid out along the cliffs, with spectacular views from the 4th to 7th overlooking the shoreline.


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