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Review of the Month March 2021 – Painswick

Painswick is nowhere near the Top 100 of golf courses in England, but as an experience with no concern about the modern influences in the game, the course is right up there. It is cranky and gives endless enjoyment, although your scorecard seems quite irrelevant.

Review of the Month March 2021 – Painswick

Top 20 Golf Courses of the Middle East 2021

Our latest Middle East rankings are dominated by courses from the UAE but there are representatives from another six nations included in the listings. We can also announce three new entries, with Dubai Hills leading the way.

Top 20 Golf Courses of the Middle East 2021

The Long Lost Lido Found — Twice

Two renditions of the same classic golf course, within the period of just a few years? How does one explain the sudden rush on Lido? Could the current Lido projects portend future designs focused on tributes to, and total recreations of, legendary golf courses?

The Long Lost Lido Found — Twice

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The Long Lost Lido Found — Twice

Did anyone ever see CB MacDonald & Ronald MacDonald in the same room together? One was rolling out a template model for golf holes, the other for similarly scal...

England's Second Hundred 2011

Stumbles upon this as I am looking at the course I need to play...complied in 2011 and now 10 years later you find clubs in the top 100 that were nowhere near i...

Responses to Course Reviews

Budersand Sylt

Great review that makes me really want to play Budersand! Unfortunatly from the south of Germany where I live it is much easier to fly to Dublin than to get to...


I had to glance at which Jones handled this design but your reaction tipped me off. It's been my experience that RTJ2 differentiates himself enough from his bro...

Sweetens Cove

Chapter 1: “I often felt of golf as being almost a chore“.(for whoever writes the next book on Golf Course Architecture)

Wentworth (Edinburgh)

Interestingly this is no longer even ranked in the top 100 in England on this website. I agree with your glowing comments on this course and personally rate it...