We accept advertising on the independent Top 100 Golf Courses website and hopefully you will find it helpful, relevant, unobtrusive and most importantly valuable. We are proud of what we have achieved with our website and will only accept advertising from companies that we believe have similar views to us on how to advertise and promote their products, so you won’t find us deploying annoying pop-up ads, but what you will find are some amazing deals from some of the worlds best golf clubs, golf resorts, and relevant manufacturers and service providers.

We also will not take adverts from just anyone, we have to be convinced that the product or service is relevant and will have interest to our visitors. (If you are selling betting or dating websites please do not ask us about advertising).

We can however assure you that the introduction of advertising will not in any way compromise our independent golf course editorials or our passion to bring you lots of fascinating information about the world's greatest golf courses.

We will never accept payment for ranking positions nor will clubs be allowed to buy their way onto the Top 100 website rankings. Courses are featured purely on merit and we only feature the best because ultimately our visitors only accept the best. After all, we love to hear about their playing experiences and our “write a review” facility has never been busier. It's this write a review facility that brings tremendous honesty and reality to the website.

We offer golf clubs the facility to showcase their own individual offers, which may include the promotion of available membership packages, stay-and-play offers or off-peak tee time deals for example. For this service, we charge a nominal annual sum.

For general advertisers who want to promote their products and services to thousands of golfers every day, we offer a unique opportunity to reach our international and rapidly growing golfing audience. We can provide a very flexible bespoke service to help you reach the most relevant golfers. For instance you may only want to show your advert to golfers who visit Fife in Scotland, or perhaps golfers who are interested in the courses of Nevada, alternatively you may want your advert seen by every Top 100 website visitor or maybe you want to increase your brand recognition.

Based on your requirements, we will put together your tailored package based on your target market, geographic demographic, timescale and budget. After all, you want a manageable process and you want an excellent return on your investment. Golfers are one of the most sought after and influential market segments for advertisers. Our visitors are passionate golfers and we can guarantee our passion for golf too, so we’ll work with you to ensure we maximise the full benefit of your advertising budget.

If you'd like to discuss advertising or would like a quote for featuring your product on the Top 100 website, please email: or contact Simon Bale at Mediadrive Ltd., E-mail: Tel: +44 (0) 7725 039 432

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