Shiro & Rokuro Akaboshi

Full Name
Shiro Akaboshi and Rokuro Akaboshi
Year of Birth
1895 and 1901
Year of Death
1971 (aged 76) and 1944 (aged 42)
Place Born
Toriizaka, Tokyo and Kagoshima prefecture in Japan
Place Died

“The Akaboshi brothers attended Princeton, got to know C.B. Macdonald, and went to study courses in Scotland ... after the war [they were] saddled with the two-green system as a new standard, which made it almost impossible to design great courses.” Tom Doak

Shiro Akaboshi

Shiro Akaboshi was born in 1895, the fourth son of businessman Yanosuke Akaboshi. Shiro attended Azabu Elementary School and Junior High School in Japan before leaving for the United States to enrol at Lawrenceville School in New Jersey then Princeton. Golf didn’t really feature in his sporting activities at university though he did play a little American football.

Shiro then returned to Japan in 1921. After completing one year of military service, he took up a position with Standard Oil where he worked for a few years until joining up with his younger brother Rokuro to coach Japanese golfers. In 1926, he won the Japan Amateur Golf Championship, with his brother Rokuro in second place.

As a golf architect, he was strongly influenced by C. H. Alison and some of his more notable designs include the courses at Hakodate (1936), Hakone Country Club (1954) and Gotemba Golf Club (1971). Towards the end of his career, he became more involved in coaching female professional golfers while acting as honorary chairman of the Japan Women's Professional Golf Association.

Rokuro Akaboshi

Rokuro Akaboshi was born in 1901 and, like his older brother Shiro, left Japan as a 19-year-old young man to study in the United States at Lawrenceville School in New Jersey then Princeton. He played golf while at school, and was later coached by Cyril Walker, who won the US Open in 1924 at Oakland Hills.

He returned home after four years of study, joined Tokyo Golf Club and Jogaya Country Club, and worked with his brother Shiro in training and coaching Japanese professionals and elite amateur players. He won the inaugural Japan Open Golf Championship as an...

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Featured courses designed, remodelled and added to by Shiro & Rokuro Akaboshi


4th Kanto - Best in Area 8th Japan Ranking 17th Asia Ranking

Yoshiro Hayashi won the Japan Open Golf Championship here at Abiko Golf Club way back in 1950, but the club hosted the Japan Women's Open Golf Championship as recently as 2009.


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13th Kanto - Best in Area 22nd Japan Ranking 78th Asia Ranking

Designed by Shiro Akaboshi in 1954, the course at Hakone Country Club was built with no expense spared, including the importation of thousands of tons of volcanic soil from the Mt Fuji region.


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Kasumigaseki (East)

3rd Kanto - Best in Area 7th Japan Ranking 14th Asia Ranking

The East course at Kasumigaseki Country Club employs the traditional Japanese dual green system, one for the winter and one for the summer, which takes a bit of getting used if you’re not familiar with this feature.


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Keya (Daimon & Kofuji)

10th Kyushu - Best in Area 72nd Japan Ranking

Once known as Kyushu-Sima Country Club, the modern day Keya Golf Club has hosted the Japan Tour’s KBC Augusta tournament since 1992. Designed by Shiro Akaboshi, the Daimon and Kofuji nines extend to 7,151 yards for this professional event.


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21st Kanto - Best in Area 46th Japan Ranking

Sagami Country Club is a 1931 design from Rokuro Akaboshi, who was not only a pioneer of Japanese golf course design, but also the winner of the inaugural Japan Open in 1927.


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Shiro & Rokuro Akaboshi Leaderboard

Rank Name Courses Played
1 Kimi Hoshiyama Courses Played 6
2 Noriyuki Matsunaga Courses Played 5
3 Kenichiro Oda Courses Played 4
4 Bob McCoy Courses Played 3
= Paul Rudovsky Courses Played 3
6 Philip Rowe Courses Played 2
= yonechan Courses Played 2
= Hwa Young Nam Courses Played 2
= Yutaka Kawanami Courses Played 2
= David Harak Courses Played 2