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Actually I'm surprised that Abu Dhabi National is not in Word TOP 100. Interesting, Why? I was played two weeks after The Abu Dhabi HSBC Championship. Maybe this event had affect to perfect condition of fields, especially greens. They was extreamally fast! Fairways also was in really perfect condition like handmade carpet. All around was thoroughly arranged and maintained. Of course, golf field rating is always a subject with a lot of subjectivity, depending on various criteria. I always rating by the following criteria: course complexity or challenging, fields condition (especially greens & fairways), service (only what you can get: buggie, club rent, condition of clubs, the amount of choice and etc. except staff and other subjective things that depends on your or staff mood), surrounding views or pleasure to the eyes and definitely value for the price. All criteries will be rating from 1 to 5 stars. Concerning Abu Dhabi National my opinion is follow:

1. Challenging - 4*

2. Condition - 5*+

3. Service - 5*+ (comment: you can get everything from delivery of your bag from hotel to buggie, buggies with navigation and finally lot of complementary tees, divot repair tools and pich markers with club logo)

4. Surroundings - 4* (fields nice but flat and images around don't distracting player with beautiful views)

5. Value for the price - 5* (of course it isn't cheap here but you get premium quality).

I think Abu Dhabi National is one of the best golf courses in Mid-East and really must be in World TOP 100! Never played in better condition golf course!

Actually fields is not very dificult (except some holes) and procentage of GIR can be high for low hcp player, but it's not garantee acceptable final result :) Everything is in the greens. They are fast, unpredictable and with invisable slopes.

18 hole is top of the fields...with incredible view of big falcon - Abu Dhabi National clubhouse.

I will be back!

Date: February 22, 2019

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