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I was looking forward to playing the Addington and it was a slight disappointment as I was expecting it to be top quality looking at its position in the UK rankings. In my opinion it is lucky just to get in the top 100 in the UK and possibly even in England.

There were aspects about the Addington that I liked. One positive is that the bunkering on this course is excellent, the par 3 11th is a perfect example of the beautiful bunker display they have, into a small narrow green. In addition to this I thought the greens were of a good standard, they were true and pretty quick which made the round a lot more enjoyable.

Good holes that I really liked the look of would have to be the par 3 11th, a fantastic short par 3 with a small green to aim at and well protected by bunkers. Unfortunately on the day I played it was playing at least a 3 club wind, so despite it being a 145 yard hole, we still needed to hit a long iron to get there! Another great par 3 was the 13th hole, which is a staggering 230 yards from the back. An accurate tee shot is required as anything left would find you in the bunkers or bushes and anything right would leave you in the bunker or a downhill shot, making it very hard to get up and down. However my favourite hole would have to be the par 4 14th as it had possibly one of my favourite views. When standing up on the tee, it overlooks the entirety of central London and the aiming point is directly at the Shard with a little fade on it! The tee shot truly is spectacular and definitely one that you want to save in your memory.

Unfortunately there are a few negatives of this golf course which is why I think it is lucky to have the ranking that it has. Just in general, there are multiple holes at the Addington which simply I think aren't special and make the course look bang average, Holes 1-6 are standard and wouldn't look out of place at a 2/3 ball rated course. The first hole is simply the weirdest starting hole you may play as it just isn't really in the right place to be an opening hole. Admittedly holes 7-17 are great and make the course a lot better but the final hole goes back to the beginning and isn't up to standard like the middle section of the course.

All in all, The Addington is a decent course however I think its lucky to be ranked 35th in England compared to courses around it like West Hill and Hindhead which are levels above here. Nonetheless it is still a nice course in good condition and it was a fun round.

Date: June 08, 2019

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