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The Addington is a beautiful heathland that is my favourite course of all time (as of 12th June). I do not take conditioning too seriously with this course as the holes make up for it. It has fallen down heavily in the Top 100 England in both this website's ranking and in Golf World's, but I feel like that is unfair. The course is magnificent and beautifully framed by tall pines and heather.

1 - an okay par three of 155/145/135 up the hill to a small two-tier green. There is nothing too special about this hole.

2 - a good par five of 560/545/470 on a slightly slanted fairway. The green is slightly sunken from the fairway. I thought this was a good par five, but there are two better par fives to come.

3 - a brutal par three of 210/185/170 up a steep hill with deep bunkers short of the green. It is similar to the first. An okay hole.

4 - a great par four of 440/425/410 with a wide landing area that narrows as you get closer to the green. Worthy of the S.I. 1 and a great hole indeed.

5 - a fine par four of 435/425/375 uphill and framed nicely by tall trees. Not too special, but this is an okay hole.

6 - a good par four of 375/335/330 with a dogleg to the left. The big feature of this hole is the enormous bunker on the right of the green.

7 - a beautiful par three of 150/140/120 downhill over a huge hillside of heather to a slim green in the valley. For me, this is one of the best golf holes I have ever played.

8 - a tough par four of 415/400/385 that has a slightly awkward blind drive and a downhill approach. I felt the hole would be better if the tee box pointed further to the left.

9 - a brilliant yet quirky par four of 375/360/340 that plays over a ravine twice. The tee shot is more daunting as it requires more accuracy, whereas the approach is a little wider.

10 - a good uphill par four of 390/345/310 where you drive over anywhere between 100 and 200 yards of rough ground to the fairly generous landing area. A nice hole.

11 - a classic par three with a slender green almost encircled by bunkers. Suffers a little as I think there are three better par 3s on the course, but a wonderful hole that really belongs on a course of this status.

12 - the "Marmite" hole, a par five of 485/440/405 with a downhill drive to a multi levelled fairway. I don't know why people criticise the hole, I love it myself. The definition of risk and reward, in my opinion.

13 - a beautiful par three of 230/215/190 that plays on a hillside to a wonderfully positioned green. Not the most perfect par three on the course (the seventh), but a world class hole nonetheless.

14 - a nice par four of 360/340/295 with lovely views over London. I have a feeling that a tour pro could drive the green if the fairways were fast. A good hole.

15 - a sturdy par four of 435/420/370 playing severely uphill to the green. The approach is similar to that of the first. Definitely worthy of S.I. 2.

16 - a lovely and bouncy par five of 515/500/450 that has some slightly strange undulating as you near the green. Not the best par five, but cascades beautifully through the trees.

17 - a gorgeous par three of 195/175/165 over a beautiful ravine of heather to a well sited green. Tougher than at least three of the six par threes here, and a wonderful golf hole.

18 - a par four of 435/425/415 that is tough and has multiple bunkers. Unfortunately, this hole underwhelmed slightly and was the only disappointment on this magnificent course.

Overall, the Addington is well worthy of the top 30 where it should be situated. It is cheaper than a lot of other courses of this calibre, and definitely worthy of the five balls shown here. A must play, although it was difficult for me (as a junior who only hits it 160 yards off the tee)!

Date: June 12, 2020

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