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The Alpine Golf Club course is located at a rare altitude on the outskirts of Bangkok. What was once a relatively flat paddy field, transformed into an exceptionally wonderful golf course. The course is often known for its strong rough turfs from where it is hard to hit the right distance. Players whose tee shots are not stable will often face trouble when landing outside of the fairway flanked by woods. The course consists of a series of strategic holes on slightly undulating terrain, and each hole is independent. The lakes, bunkers, and trees at every hole are all skillfully arranged. The greens are also well maintained and fast, with most of them being two tiered. The approach shot should be Alpine Golf Club - Photo by reviewer accurate to avoid a three-putt hitting from the different tier, or across a ridge or mound.

The Alpine hosted the 2004 Johnnie Walker Classic and Tiger Woods, the World Number 1 at that time, did not make the cut. The course could turn nasty even for the first-class pros when they lose accuracy.

I liked the par 3 238-yard 3rd. Not only do players have to be wary of the long distance, but they must also keep an eye out for the lake that stretches all the way to the green. Furthermore, the green sloping strongly from back to front is shallow, 45 yards wide, and is guarded by several bunkers to its left and right.

The par 4 412-yard 11th is a dogleg to the right. Players should be aware that a lake to its right and a forest to its left flank a relatively large fairway. Furthermore, the pond surrounds all three sides of the green, and a bunker on the right side awaits for too safe an approach shot intending to avoid the water. This is a hole in which an accurate approach shot will be required.

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Date: September 09, 2019

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