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Anderstein is on a lovely undulating site with a nice routing that winds through woodland and some open meadowland dotted with heather. We played the Heuvelrug & Heide loops of 9. Plenty of water in play helps make this a challenging course.

Anderstein (B & C) Golf Course - Photo by reviewer

Ultimately the design of a few holes felt a bit awkward and made decision making difficult for a first time visit. On occasion following a reasonable tee shot I was confused as to my next move. When this happened, I also tried to imagine myself as a better player (i.e. 50 yards further up the fairway, on the fairway) but the holes didn’t make much more sense from that perspective. I felt this on holes 2 & 6 on the Heide loop & 4 on the Heuvelrug, amongst others.

Highlights would include the canted fairway of hole 2 of Heuvelrug, tempting you to find the speed slot to gain an advantage. And hole 3 on the Heide, an attractive short Par 4 (which admittedly must compete with this loop’s 9th hole as The Most Intimidatingly Narrow Hole). The greens had enough interest and left us with some interesting pin positions.

Anderstein (B&C) Golf Course - Photo by reviewer

Dare I say it, the design did feel a bit random at times and I think Anderstein would be a good candidate for a redesign/renovation to get more out of the property. Maybe playing strategy would become apparent on a repeat play and I will try again here because it’s a lovely environment in which to spend an evening. Its current ranking feels about right, but it has potential to be higher. Does anyone at the club have Frank Pont’s number?

Date: September 16, 2020

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