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I wrote a very short review on this course some time ago but have subsequently played about 20 or so of the highly rated links courses on this web site. Having now played more courses I feel more confident in saying that Ardglass has two of three of the best and most scenic holes in the UK. Whilst there are numerous very good holes numbers 1, 2 and 12 stand out for me. Hole 1 is not necessarily difficult for really good golfers, although the tee shot is a challenge in to the wind, but for me it is one of the best looking opening holes. The second, again always plays in to the wind, which can be brutal as you are at one of the highest points of the course, and is the most beautifully rugged par 3 I’ve ever played. The 12th is not far behind the 2nd and if you play it you will find comparisons with Pebble Beach aren’t as silly as they may sound. Yes there are a couple of the par 4’s and one of the par 5’s that might be considered a little flat, but you are in such a stunning location I think this can be forgiven, and the tee boxes on a couple of these ‘flatter’ holesr 4’s are located yards from waves crashing in to rocks. The reality check is that it is short and fairly open in a few places and with no wind all decent players playing well will shoot their handicap but frankly I don’t think this matters. My all time favourite course.

Date: September 16, 2007

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