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So, My first round in Argentina came on the day I landed. My twelve and half hour overnight flight landed at a similar time as if I had flown to Portugal, and I am only three hours behind London time.

Like a newly emerged butterfly my game needed a little air, To get used to the grainy grasses and aclimatise to 25 degree heat and the scented air drifting off of the blooming jacarandas.

What better place to start than Argentino? Laid down by a Argentino Golf Course - Photo by reviewer mackenzie disciple the course never intimidates you. You will not lose balls but the small targets and narrow fairways do not give up great scores unless you play well.

It was in fine condition and I was very lucky to be in the hands of Javier Pintos, Who has laid down an amzing Iinerary for my first forray into South America. We had a great game with Juliano, Alberto and Javier himself. If this is a portent of things to come I will have an amazing trip.

Argentinos main defence are the greens which sit on virtually flat land but challenge you to approach from the right side and ask you to consider where to leave your ball. There are plenty of no go areas to avoid and rewards if you read the holes and greens right. The course was accommodating for the first time player and the club is alive with members who all seemed to know each other and were very friendly to this curiosity from London. If you wish you can follow my exploits on instagram. the_barefoot_golfer.


Date: December 05, 2018

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