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I give this golf course the highest rating because it has all of the characteristics of a truly fantastic golf course/club..... The shot making required is a perfect balance of difficult vs scoring opportunity, the variety of shots needed is ever changing due to the design variety & wind conditions, the history of U.S. golf is oozing all over the place, conditioning is great year round, and best of all.... the course is just FUN. That is why I consider ACCC to be my favorite golf course to play. It is not necessarily the best golf course in the world, but when I think of a place that I would want to play every day for the rest of my life, I would have to say ACCC is the one, which is why I'm a member here. Favorite hole: any of the par 3s. they are all excellent. Least favorite: the last because it means the round is over.... unless I play 36. :)Hardest hole: the 9th is long and tough especially when the wind is blowing hardEasiest hole: The fun part about this course is that it doesn't beat you up. There are many scoring opportunities but I would say the 14th can yield the easiest birdie.Best green: 15th green is jutting right out into the bay with AC as a backdrop. That's epic!Best advice: Spend a lot of extra time in the clubhouse to soak in all of the sights. Spend the day at the club. I truly hope that this awesome facility will go private again. As a private club I think ACCC stands a better chance of being preserved. It is truly a special place.

Date: November 17, 2015

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