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ACCC is truly a Classic American Golf Course. Everyone refers to the history of the club and origin of the term "birdie". But what is most significant is its playability and prestine design. The course is one of the top five most enjoyable courses I have ever played. Everytime I tee it up there I always know that the round will be exciting and fun regardless of my score. The tee shots offer exceptional variety, the approach shots offer every possible circumstance in the game, the greens are offer so much variety in regards to size and slope, and the hazards are perfectly positoned to offer you intimidation and penalty while still be extremely fair. All of this plus great views (eye-candy) of the Atlantic City skyline and you have yourself a wonderful golf course. It is a course that I wish would return to fully private status so that my membership would give me more opportunities to play it but that is just me being selfish.

Date: January 27, 2011

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