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Played the course on January 2, 2020. You will not be making the trip to Bagan to play golf, and quite rightly so. In itself, the course is uninteresting and poorly maintained. I am surprised that it ranks above a course such as Shwe Bagan Golf Course - Photo by reviewer Mann Taung, in Mandalay, (which probably deserves to appear in top 100 rankings for the country). I had the opportunity to walk this latter for a few holes, and it seems in much better shape from both a design and maintenance point of view.

However, I had a great experience at Bagan golf course and I do recommend it. My advice if you plan to visit Bagan is this : stay on site at the Amazing Bagan Resort (a good idea in itself for reasons outside golf : one of the premium resorts of Bagan, Bagan Golf Course - Photo by reviewer and the one Aung San Suu Kyi chose on her last visit in 2017, which is proof enough), and play 9 holes between 6h and 8h, before the heat, before your day of temple visits starts and especially when the balloons will be flying above the course.

Play the last 9 holes, as those are the one where you will see a few of the Bagan temples along the fairways. Marvellous views and a nice experience guaranteed.

Date: January 05, 2020

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