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Bandon Dunes Golf Course is quite unique among North American golf courses. Stretching along the west coast of Oregon on the Pacific Ocean, the beauty of the natural setting is on display on your entire walk. The course's length varies from just over 5000 yards to the tournament tees set at 7212 yards.

This is truly a place where golf has first priority, a very different approach from the current real estate driven properties that have a golf course running through it. Golf is the main focus and the history and integrity of the game is on display almost to a fault.

The area looks very intact with holes--not homes or condos-- bordering the ocean. There are no power carts, but instead caddies will help you navigate your way around. The holes are not marked very clearly, so as not to add any man-made distractions to the spectacular view. Aside from that, and perhaps the unpredictable Oregon coast weather, Bandon Dunes is definitely something that should go on your "must play" list. The course can be friendly of the tee, but the natural hazards such as the variety of bushes, tall grass and sand dunes are always lurking. The greens are large but very undulating with many waste areas collecting the slightest of errors in your approach shots. You will also be battling the elements, as the wind will play a huge factor on any given day. The fairways are cut very thin, and often I was unable to distinguish between the end of the fairway and the start of the green. This is the biggest adjustment, because you have to land the ball in certain spots, sometimes well short of the putting surface. For those of you that like to play a Texas wedge, this is a course you are going to love. I hit more putts then chips, as felt it was safer to keep the ball on the ground, even from as far out as seventy yards.

The course has a variety of breathtaking holes running along the ocean. We even spotted a golfer taking a break from his round to sit off the tee, relaxing and staring out at the waves. The course is walkable, but the slight hills and mounds will be felt in your legs the morning after.

Date: May 06, 2010

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