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The wild beauty of Pac Dunes has been discussed many a time and you can add me to the chorus of those that found the dunescape, the blowout bunkers and the omnipresent gorse breathtaking and a wonderful stage to set a top flight golf course wending its way through it all.

I liken the course to an accordion that constantly pulls you out into long cliffside holes and then squeezes you into tighter spaces like the back to back par 3s.

Oddly enough, one of my favorite holes on the course is the par 4 9th which features blind tee shots, alternate greens and a whole lot of fun in trying to figure it all out. It may not be the prettiest hole but it is a darn fun one to play.

Relatedly, the reason for the 5 ball rather than the 6 ball is that I felt that the routing maximizes the difficulty of the course (both in the general course design as well utilizing the prevailing winds which were 20-30mph the day I played) at some expense to the enjoyment of playing the course and at the end of the round the overall sense I had was that I "survived". That being said, it is clearly a top class golf course, just pray for calm conditions when you play it!

Date: April 28, 2018

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