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The Valley @ Barnham Broom is a lovely play. There's no denying that there is quality in Norfolk when it comes to golf. But Barnham Broom is a popular stay and play venue with a friendly and unique complex. I've played a handful of times over the years with friends who are members or junior competitions and have always enjoyed my day out there.

It's not an easy place to play, some holes being among the tightest I've ever played. But balanced out nicely with some tee shots you can lean into a little. In the winter it can get very wet and if the condition of the course improved, I could easily see it jump a few places on the ranking chart. With it being a popular venue with spa, tennis courts, pool etc, it's likely it does get a lot of traffic but in the summer I would definitely recommend it to any visitors!

Date: February 11, 2020

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