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I have recently played the newly tweaked course just after it had reopened in Oct 2009, the course has had some subtle changes since it was closed in May 2009, these include putting the greens closer to the water hazard and making the greens flatter than they originally were. All 18 Greens have been cored out & re-built with a new type of grass that requires less maintenance. The new greens were firm & fast and the approaches had been cut short, so missing a green could result in your ball moving up to 30yds from the putting surface should you miss it on the wrong side.The main changes to the hole layout include the 4th hole is now a Par 5 length (558 yards from 460 yards) & the 16th has been changed from Par 4 (485 yards) to a Par 5 (517 yards), so the Par has been raised from Par 70 to Par 72, this was the way the course was setup in 2006 for the AP Invitational when the winning score was 14 under compared to when Tiger won this year of 5 Under, The Tour pros are going to have a birdie and eagle fest next March. Well worth a visit if you are in the Orlando area, overall excellent course and facilities.

Date: November 05, 2009

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