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Baywood Greens is a very nice high end public facility. I played these two nines in October of 2019. It's the only time I have visited here as the facility is relatively new. Across the street from these two nines was another nine which seemed to be finished. There were rumblings about difficulty in access. A visit just now to their website makes no mention of the extra nine. It is possible that nine is strictly a playing field of the owner and his closest friends. But I have no knowledge of that. The course present with the Woodside and Waterside nines is in excellent shape. The green contours are wonderful. The first hole is a straight away par 4. It's a good starter, as it's not demanding. The 2nd is a short par 4 with water out on the right that goes up to the green. The 3rd hole is a solid par 4 with some length. The 4th hole is a slight dogleg right with water out left of the green. It's very long also. the 5th is challenging par 5 with a well protected green and well placed fairway bunkers. 6 is the first par 3 with a forced carry over water but the water stops well short of the green, it does play over 200 on the 3 back tee boxes. There is a large bunker covers the middle area of your entry to the green. 7 is the 2nd par 5 and again it has bunkers along side the left of green but no water present. This is the Woodside. 8 is a short par 3 well bunkered. 9 is a short par 4 with fairway bunkers left and right. 10 starts the Waterside and is the only hole on the back which doesn't have water in play. It's a slight dogleg right with average length a bunker at the corner and a green totally surrounded by sand. 11 is a short par 3 with a bunker just short of the green and water covering the left, right and short of bunker. 12 is dogleg right par 4 with water in front of tee but not in play. 13 is a par 5 with water left of green and 100 yards short. 14 is unique and very risk/reward. par 4 with an island fairway if you choose to go straight the hole has some length so straight is best. the fairway is wide out to the right but adds 50 yards. 15 is a par 3 over water but with some room 16 is a par 5 with water the entire left side to the green which is positioned as a peninsula in that water.17 is a good par 4 with bunkers covering the left landing area and the green being fully surrounded except the narrow frontal entry. 18 brings the round to a finish with water out to the right that also surrounds the right/back and left of the green with sand also behind the green. Baywood is in the area near Ocean City. It is a fabulous course increasing the overall depth of the area. A must play.

Date: January 26, 2021

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