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Similar to the other reviews; this is a lovely golf course full of quality. Every hole is worthy of a mention here and difficult to pick the best (maybe the 12th). The key to scoring well more so than nearly any other course that I have visited, is do not leave the fairway ! Every hole is tree lined, every hole has gorse and heather, and every hole has fern and bracken that surround the fairways - this is a special course, in a Walton Heath sort of way. I have noticed that on this site the word Gem is being used a lot - Beau Desert can stand proud under the 'gem' umbrella. Given the choice to play here or at any of nearby Belfry three courses, Beau Desert would get my vote every time. The position of 165 in the ratings is not fair (in my opinion). Come on 'Top100', move this up the rankings .....

Date: September 08, 2004

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