Bell Nob - Wyoming - USA

Bell Nob Golf Course,
4600 Overdale Drive,
Wyoming (WY) 82718,

  • +1 307 686 7069

  • Cameron Brown

  • Frank Hummel

  • Cameron Brown

The Bell Nob Golf Course is operated by Campbell County Parks and Recreation and this rather impressive golf facility enjoyed an extensive renovation in 2012. Part of that improvement program was the reduction in the use of potable water for irrigation. A water storage facility was built on site to hold water from two available sources of non-potable groundwater, neither of which was suitable for use on its own.

By mixing the two water sources, the weaknesses of one was countered by the qualities of the other, allowing the combined blend to be used for course irrigation at less than a third of the cost of what was being charged before.

Not only that, reducing irrigated turf acreage (by 10% to 110 acres) and cutting the volume of water used annually (by 23% to 70 million gallons) offered both an economic and environmentally sustainable solution for the club, with the added bonus of providing players with more firm and fast playing conditions.

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