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Played end Oct and it was playable wet. After a downpour it wasn’t. Greens were ok but well soft. Putted ok holding line, good roll but not really taking borrow. Fairways were good. Some leaves lying in rough but not too many. There are some long holes and some challenging drives, Then you come to the 11th. IMHO this hole does not work. 5wood off tee to lay up to a narrow gap with a pond and a ditch that you would be mad to consider trying to drive over card in hand. All of it blind from the tee. If you did go for it you would not see your ball down so you would need a provisional lay up. After that it’s at least a 5wood probably 3wood and for most unreachable off a downhill lie to an elevated slopey green.........

12 is a wedge flick downhill to a tiny soft green beside the pond. This area of the course needs work.

We play Bentley every year but we rarely hurry back to a good course with really good summer greens. Something, possibly the 11th just makes us choose elsewhere.

Date: October 29, 2020

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