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As you read some of the reviews you may think this course is super difficult. Not at all. That is of course my opinion, but I believe this golf course is not all over your head at all and very playable and manageable. Of course, if you believe that you should be able to make a green in regulation on every hole this is most likely not a course for you. You need to be very very good to really do this. But if you don't mind laying up from time to time you can enjoy this course very easily and still shoot a (relatively) good score.The course itself is the best I have ever played and I've played quite a few out of the the top 100. I just can't imagine how golf can be better than this. The Black course has it all - history, beautiful and picturesque scenery, perfect lay out and design, excellent conditioning. If you ask me what one can improve about it I wouldn't answer, there is just no way this can be better. Or have I already said this?Also, it is the best bang.... They charge you $130 whilst they can easily have a $300 rate and still have full booking. That's very fair.So, play this course if you haven't already and be prepared to want to come back ASAP.

Date: May 26, 2010

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