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I stayed at the Biltmore in September 2006 and played the course twice – I was less than impressed. Clearly this review is based on the layout prior to Brian Silva’s $5 million restoration – I’m sure the uncovering of seventy or so bunkers must have immeasurably improved the aesthetics of the layout. The Biltmore Hotel golf course However, I found nothing particularly inspiring about the course apart from a couple of boldly bunkered greens as shown in the photograph. Pancake flat topography doesn’t really get my golfing juices flowing and I’ve seen plenty of better courses in Florida, many of which don’t yet feature on the Top 100 website. I didn’t recognise anything even remotely Donald Ross like about the design – even the greens I thought were ordinary. Would I return? Yes I would. The hotel is exceptional and I thoroughly enjoyed my stay, even though it cost a king’s ransom. I’d like to see whether the restoration has returned the very dull course that I played in 2006 into a classic gem. It also remains to be seen whether the Biltmore makes the Florida Top 100 at some future point.

Date: January 04, 2016

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