BlackHorse (South) - Texas - USA

Blackhorse Golf Club,
12205 Fry Road,
Texas (TX) 77433,

  • +1 281 304 1747

  • Mike Shoelen

  • Peter Jacobsen and Jim Hardy

  • Trent Peddy

When looking to construct two 18-hole golf courses at a location, one challenge is to provide separate identities for the simple task. It’s greatly helpful when one part of the property features an old sand mining facility. That’s the story at BlackHorse Golf Club, where the South course is the more celebrated route, no doubt in part due to the series of dramatic “quarry” holes that help conclude the round.

Players emerge into the more open quarry area after the tee shot on No. 15, where they must avoid a plentiful bunkering along the left. Don’t be distracted by the lake...yet. There’s plenty of time for that on the following hole, where long hitters will be tempted to try carrying the body on the way to a green that’s just 300 yards away from the “Big Jake” back tees. There’s truly no “safe” shot from the tee, however, as the water-filled quarry is on both sides of the hole.

Both this and the par three No. 17 are built atop ridges that rise above the water’s surface. Players will make their way back to the clubhouse along this ridge, hoping to keep their balance and stay dry!

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Description: Unveiled in 2001, the South course at BlackHorse Golf Club is a Peter Jacobsen and Jim Hardy co-design that features a particularly challenging final six holes, where fairways are routed around an old sand quarry. Rating: 5 out of 10 Reviews: 1
Colin Braithwaite

Blackhorse South is one of two Jacobsen/Hardy collaborations in Cypress, TX. The first hole is welcoming. Favor right of center off the tee to take the left fairway bunker out of play. The green is slightly raised with two bunkers front left. The 2nd is much tougher, water all the way down the right side and a gaggle of fairway bunkers in the landing area left. My advice, hit it down the middle. The right side of the green hides behind the water hazard and a bunker. The 3rd is even tougher. A long dogleg left aim at the right fairway bunker off the tee. There is a left fairway bunker in the elbow. Water comes in on the right the last half of the hole or so and there is a cross bunker right about 60 yards out and greenside bunkers front right and left. The 4th is a long par three, partial water carry right and a bunker front right and two left. The fifth is a reachable par five with water running down the entire right side and leans right. The water hazard darts in front of the green right and sequential bunkers left. Good risk/reward hole. The 6th is a mid-yardage par three. The raised green has two bunkers left and one rear. The 7th is a birdie oppty. Short but tree-lined and tight. A drive that finds the fairway sets up an attack iron. The 8th is a long par four. It is also tree-lined but much broader. The raised green has a bunker left, not sure why this is the number one handicap hole. The front ends with a reachable par five that is definitely reachable, heck I did it, to set up my 3 jack par.

The back starts with a short par four that is rated the easiest hole. There are no hazards other than trees both sides. However, about 100 yards out on the right a large oak squeezes the fairway. The 11th is a straightaway par four. Trees left and right and the raised green has two bunkers left. The 12th is a long par four that tilts left. The fairway runs out into a stream about 90 yards from the green. The 13th starts the string of holes that are in the old sand pit. It is a mid-length par three with a small water carry. The 14th is a long dogleg right that is tree-lined both sides. My advice is just get to the corner and you will still have a long approach. The par five 15th is not reachable by most humans. A creek crosses the fairway about 225 yards out, so driver is fine. Favor the right side on your second shot to take the half dozen or so bunkers left and water out of play. Three average shots and you will be putting for birdie, not sure why it is the number two handicap hole. The short driveable par four 16th is a fun hole unless you hook it into the water hazard. There is more room left of the fairway bunkers than it appears. The 17th is a long island par three with a sweeping bridge. A dry ball is a happy ball, although this island green is pretty large and has a rear bunker. The 18th is a reachable par five that twists left. Once again, lots of trees both sides. For those thinking of going for it, the fairway runs out into a stream about 80 yards out. Play it as a three shotter.

Good not great, but certainly better than the North

May 25, 2021
5 / 10
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