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One man's favourite course is not another man's; one likes links the other new courses and another old classics. Having just played Blackmoor in an Open it obviously sits in the inland/old classics, where it sits in that list is open for debate. Having just ignored all inks courses in the England Top 100 on this site, I see that Blackmoor sits outside the Top 40. With places like the 3 Ws (Woking,Worpolseden and West Hill) inside the top 20 I'd place Blackmoor right up there with them. It is probably that it is not as grand places like Swinley (another Colt Course just like Blackmoor) etc that stops this being ranked much much high..but ignore the Clubhouse, the grandness of certain clubs etc and just concentrate on what a Club has from the 1st tee to the 18th green and you'll love Blackmoor...oh and you can play it on a County Card for a great rate unlike the 3 figure sums that some other Clubs seem to want to charge US/Japanese tourist whilst failing to support Club golfers here in the UK.

Date: August 25, 2018

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