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Blackmoor is certainly not a staple of the Surrey/Hampshire sand belt but it does need to be in the conversation. Only out of pure desperation did I land a tee time here but I'm sure glad I did. I was making my way down from Norfolk on a mini trip which included the likes of Thorndon Park, Walton Heath (Old), West Hill and Royal Ashdown Forest, I needed a golf course to sit in one one of the days off I had. And whilst unfortunately, both Hankley and Woking were both shut for course maintenance, everything happens for a reason, and I managed to get this little gem out of the way!

I do love the clubhouse at Blackmoor, it gives you an incredible view over such a variety of holes. From watching at peoples first tee nerves, their risk reward game on the par 5 8th, their par 3 game on the 9th or their 18th hole approach roll agonizingly down the hill, it's really a surprise this place is so unheard of in the top 100 list.

Whilst the course doesn't offer the absolute stunning golf holes some others in this highly competitive region does, it's definitely worth noting Blackmoor does quite a few things right!

It's not a long course, 6900 off whites for a par 69. Modest, but what you won't realise until you get there, is that some holes are very tricky to hit driver on. The 400 yard 11th hole is a great example for this. Only a perfectly shaped driver would do here otherwise you're going to struggle to find your ball!

The members here were very friendly, with a group offering to let me and my friend go off before they did. And at the first opportunity, the group ahead let us through and allowed us a uninterrupted go at the course.

The halfway hut at Blackmoor is brilliant. It's refreshing to see hot food being made to order at a halfway hut, not enough courses do this nowadays and allows something more to look forward to on your way round. Especially on a hot day!

The hole straight after was probably my favourite, a sharp dog leg right par 4 where your tee shot is essentially cut off as much as you can chew. The left to right wind certainly didn't help but a great hole nonetheless.

We could actually hear the army training going on at neighbouring Bordon. So if peace and tranquillity is your number one priority, maybe late evening is better! Maybe it's because of my army golf that the only criticism of Blackmoor was the internal out of bounds. My tee shot on 10 did end up a yard out of bounds and I did sit there and wonder why it was. The stranger part was that it was out of bounds only on 10 and not on 18. Whilst I am open to hearing the logic behind it and maybe even changing my mind, it's punishing enough to hit a poor tee shot on 10 so why penalise even more?

Overall, Blackmoor sits in my book as a lovely place to play. Requiring a lot of thought off the tee, and some strong wrists if you plan on going in the heather! Condition was excellent, need I say more, I haven't found a course in Surrey or Hampshire which I can fault the condition.

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Date: July 30, 2021

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