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Dogleg holes are often more interesting than straight ones. The strategic decision of how close to come to the hazard(s) at the corner makes for great fun and an opportunity to make a lower score. Fully half the holes at Bay Island are doglegs. Unfortunately, every one of them is of the dogleg left variety. This may help keep a right-handed slicer out of the course’s ubiquitous water, but it makes for boring golf. The paucity of variety continued on the par 3 holes. They were all within 12 yards of the same length and I hit the same club on each one. And all but one featured a forced carry to the green. (This was not so on most of the par 4s.) A few greens have interesting contours, though the short par 4 13th has an overdone version.

Conditioning was superb in February 2021, with fairways playing firm and fast and greens running 11.5 on my stimpmeter. But I still found the club’s Sabal course preferable.

Date: February 25, 2021

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