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Played both courses a few times on a long golf weekend mid august, as a single figure handicapper i thought it was very good but spoiled by having to play the forward tees (6500yds) to placate the rest of my group (15-22 handicappers). Problem with not playing it off the 'normal' tees (at 7100yds) is that you take out much of the challenge of half the holes, ie. you have a tighter tee shot, which opens out, so it is much less intimidating. However it is still a great course that if you keep it straight will be very rewarding, you must play it twice to really apprecaite the lines and landing areas, it is very beautiful. The greens were quick but not too hilly, the condition was excellent all round, and the place itself is lovely. Some negatives however... firstly maybe it was the time of year, but wasps were a problem around the clubhouse, and halfway houses, making it almost impossible to eat or drink outside. With the damp weather flys were also very irritating on the course, so take some repellent! Second, they have 'halfway houses' that are located at the crossing points of 2-3 holes, and locals seem to stop and have a full course meal... meaning you get random stacks on some tee boxes as they resume the round... As people play of different tees, and there can be 100yds difference it can be slow, allow 5hrs minimum for a round if you are planning to get 36holes in a day, no matter how quick you play yourself.

Date: August 30, 2014

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