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I was staying in the house when I played the Melbourne course and that is very impressive, as is the facility as a whole and it probably has the best practice ground in the country. The course is also immaculate and you see very few members, so I presume the whole set up is very exclusive. The course as a design is good, not great, and the golf course feels as if it really doesn't belong and the first and last holes are a prime example of that (and yes there is a ferry). Apart from the view the first is a bad hole and considering the history (Elizabeth 1st was told she was queen here when Mary died) no one should be allowed to put a golf hole on the front lawn let alone one so poor. American in feel (thats not a criticism) and I think challenging to high handicaps, but even off the whites in a howling gale I played 3 under my handicap. Having said all that the green staff do an amazing job and the greens are truly excellent. It was really very enjoyable to play and I would like to play it and the Palmerston again one day. In terms of comparison, it is a much better set up than Moor Park and in between their courses in terms of course design quality. Play it if you get the chance but I presume that the Palmerston is the one to try and play on.

Date: May 18, 2006

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