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Although I live in Argentina, it is not more than once or twice a year that I play here despite knowing many members. It´s been a very hot and wet winter here in the area and when fairways and tees should be yellow Buenos Aires Golf Course - Photo by reviewer (dormant bermuda) we have them green but soft.

In these conditions I played The Green-Blue combination last week and the course was surprisingly well kept with the greens firm and as fast as I have played them ever.

It was yes very tough when a green was narrowly missed because the diference of speed between the fringe and the greens was a lot.

And the course played extremely long comared to it's usual standards as it was tough to get more than a couple of yards of run from a tee shot and holding the ball in the green with middle and sometimes long irons was not enough.

Buenos Aires Golf Course - Photo by reviewer

This rounds is a great example of why the world handicap system has to have a climate conditions adjustment to the course rating of the day. We played a 73.3 rating course of 6800yds which played like at least 7100yds. Yes it was tougher to miss a fairway with little roll but then from unusual long distances getting the GIR was a lot tougher.

Said this, it was as fun as usual to play here and I can reconfirm the underrated Blue Course has at least 5 great golf holes.

Yes, Green/Yellow is the "Central Course", but if you are sent to the Blue there will be nothing wrong and some great golf to be played.

Date: September 08, 2017

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