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Played Cabot Cliffs in October just before it closed for the winter. It is truly a gorgeous and great golf course. Cabot Cliffs - photo courtesy of the reviewerBut I may differ from many others in my opinion that the three closing holes are not as strong as the rest of the layout. To me they felt a bit shoehorned into the landscape and not as much golfing enhancements to it like the 15 holes that preceded them. I will say the par 5 15th that leads you to the close was my favorite hole and an unforgettable mix of scenic beauty and golf in all its glory. I think this hole gets my vote for instant admission into the Golf Allure/ Architecture Hall of Fame. I played Cabot Links first and was impressed and exhilarated. The following day I played Cabot Cliffs and was absolutely blown away.

Date: November 26, 2015

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