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Cabot Cliffs is as good as any. That's a pretty strong statement coming from someone who has had the pleasure to play 7 of the top 10 on top 100 list and 13 of top 20. The Cliffs is a mix of 6 par 3/4/5's. Every hole is special. Two holes I would change. The 9th is a short 3 which feels like it was jammed in to complete the 9. On the back the par 3 12th is just tooCabot Cliffs Golf Course - Photo by reviewer much of a tilt. One of my 4some shoved their shot 40 yards right.....When it finished 10 feet away we all were stunned. I would trade out some increase yardage on 9 for some decrease on 12. Other than those two there are 16 very good to great holes. I believe the signature hole is 17. A roller coaster up and down par 4 which requires a tee ball that climbs 40 feet to find the fairway as the cliff wall stairs at you. Sublime. 16 is a treacherous 3 over that same cliff as in juts in. 2 may be the best hole. It is laid out with elevated tee to fairway that starts tight and expands to right. Go left or go long. The green is sinister tucked behind a huge bunker over a pond with a devilish mound in the green. 3 great sliding left. 5 is a huge dogleg left with pond to go Cabot Cliffs Golf Course - Photo by revieweraround. How much can you bite off. The par 3 prior has a double green left/ right...great hole. A redan like 3 6th hole is nice but the 16th best hole. 7 forced carry 5 which looks more intimidating than it is. 8 is a good par 5 with fairway bunkers causing concerns for all shots. 10 a good par 5 hugging the cliff on the left and having some diabolical fairway bunkers which get visited often. Then you must cross the cliff to enter the green. 11 climbs up hill good hole. 13 nice dogleg right... don't go right.huge depression and overgrowth..15 a good 5 with more room than appears. The clubhouse....Yurts.,Is unique....The chairs placed in grass around 18 green and 10 green and 11 tee.are quite unique.

The Links combines with this to create a substantial 1 2 punch. Visit Highland Links an hour away for a year Tribeca. But the Cliffs is the magnet.

Date: October 23, 2016

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