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The odds are small that you’ve even heard of Halifax, Nova Scotia. If you have, you’ve likely never been there or even thought about visiting unless of course you are a golfer. I realize well that there is a small percentage of the population that thinks I’m crazy for saying that but let’s face it Halifax is well off the beaten path for most of the world. Arriving there and arranging your rental car you may think you’re actually almost at Inverness where Cabot Links is located. Think again, it’s a solid 3-hour drive and Cabot Links Golf Course - Photo by reviewer one that you are better off to make in the day time as this is a part of the world that for the most part has not yet been polluted by the hand of man. 3 hours of raw nature and old forest will get you to Cabot.

Upon arrival, much like Bandon Dunes, what you get is phenomenal. It’s a paradise for golfers. There’s no doubt that Cabot is one of the true unique golf getaways on the planet. It fits perfectly into the classification of “If you build it they will come.” It also clearly proves that golfers are a crazy bunch, always looking for the most exotic and natural locations away from society. Cabot is the ultimate guys weekend/week getaways. It’s all about golf, friends, good food and being away from the hustle and bustle of daily life.

As far as it is from everything it’s really only a short trip from Cabot Links Golf Course - Photo by reviewer the likes of Toronto and the East Coast of the US. It’s the perfect getaway.

Cabot Links was the first course built here on this wonderful property. Clearly the intention was to put together as close to a Scottish or Irish links experience as possible. The first key element, links land, was a feature this remote part of Canada was graced with. To be fair the rolling dunes are perfect for golf. Cabot Links is the more subtle of the two courses but still possesses quite undulated links land when compared with many UK/Irish links courses. There are several standout holes on the front 9 however, my favorite was the par 4, 5th which is an excellent cape hole requiring you to cut off as much as you dare. This hole plays as a dogleg left around a beautiful lake, which is the only water to contend with on the property.

The par 3, 6th is another excellent hole playing 200 Cabot Links Golf Course - Photo by reviewer yards to a narrow green and on both our days into the wind.

The back 9 starts with a quirky short par 4 dogleg right that dares you take on the large dune on the right side. Once successful you are left with a short iron or wedge into a highly undulated and two-tiered green that drops off sharply front and left.

The 16th is a hole right out of Bandon Dunes. It plays along the cliffs that drop some 60 ft down to the beach which is not OB. We played this hole straight into the wind which renders the tee shot quite a challenge. Of course I pulled my only drive of the day left and with a solid kick I ended up down on the beach nearly resting in the surf. My playing partners all said take a drop. Being a bit more stubborn than that I navigated my way down the cliff and managed a perfect shot back up to the fairway and 110 yds from the green on this par 5 resulting in an easy par. Well at least on the card. The best part was that it brought my partner and I back to 1 down with two to play. A birdie on 18 would half the match.

Cabot has not only breathed life back into this little town of Inverness, it’s provided golfers from around the world with another unique and bucket list destination that’s open to golf fanatics everywhere. Cabot is not to be missed.

Date: June 22, 2018

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