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The more I play courses outside of Surrey, the more I realise how special golf there really is. The course conditions here are second to none and you won't find such a large amount of courses that are half as good anywhere else in England, maybe even the world. With that being said, the downside of that is how incredibly difficult it is to stand out.

If you put Camberley Heath in any other part of the country, people would rave about it. The condition is the same as everywhere else in surrey i've played (excellent) and the layout is fun. A great Harry Colt design, it's a bit of a surprise that 18 holes are squeezed into this fairly small plot of surrey heathland. It gives me a sort of foreign hint, some of the courses in Villamoura spring to mind where you play around the villas. It's not as intense as that but the underpass you take below the road certainly gives you that feeling.

Camberley hasn't hosted many big tournaments but I don't think it wants to. Given it's shortish length and no room for expansion, it's probably no suprise it's not held the English Am but this place does give the impression it's a solid members club which is never a bad thing.

The food is good, the layout is well routed and very enjoyable, the members are friendly and I had a very enjoyable round!

Date: October 18, 2021

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