Canyon Springs - Texas - USA

Canyon Springs Golf Club,
24405 Wilderness Oak,
San Antonio,
Texas (TX) 78260,

  • +1 210 497 1770

  • Chris Fink

  • Thomas Walker

  • Scott Robinson

Canyon Springs Golf Club is a public-access facility on the north side of San Antonio, designed by Thomas Walker during 1998. The course is routed through the surrounding residential developments in two separate loops, with the intention of separating holes and giving players an isolated experience during their round. The course can be stretched to 7,100 yards at the back tees to challenge the lower handicapper.

The “springs” in “Canyon Springs” will become apparent in two limestone waterfalls present on the property. The second of which will provide a dramatic backdrop to the No. 18 green as players return to the clubhouse.

Canyon Springs was built atop what used to be a cattle ranch, and some of the former residents have stuck around. Longhorn steer will charm the non-Texans in your playing party. Historic buildings from the property’s past life will also make appearances throughout the round.

The course is managed as part of the Arcis Golf Group.

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Description: Located to the north of San Antonio, on what was formerly the Classen family ranch, the course at Canyon Springs Golf Club is a Thomas Walker design that first opened for play in 1998. Rating: 5.5 out of 10 Reviews: 2
Jon Williams

Enjoyable round at Canyon Springs in San Antonio. Top 100 of Texas rating borderline not worthy. Big greens with lots of break (ate me up). Course in good shape but nothing special imo. Big Waterfall at 18 is cool as well as longhorn cows by #1 tee/clubhouse. Not recommended for walkers as lots of space between holes. Slow going (5 hr round) with ineffective Marshall. Odd greens that sometimes hold & sometimes not - hard, confirmed with locals who play there regularly. Lunch options limited to hot dog/snacks. Bag drop unmanned. Unique split fairway hole on front 9.

March 03, 2022
5 / 10
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Colin Braithwaite

Canyon Springs is a fun course. The first hole is welcoming. It is the shortest par four and is a dogleg right with two bunkers on the inside elbow. Favor left of center off the tee. The 2nd is a reachable reverse S shape par five. OB both sides with three fairway bunkers left. The 3rd is a mid-length par three with a prominent diagonal cross bunker feature. Hopefully, you got off to a good start because things are about to get noticeably tougher. The 4th is a long left leaning par four. It has two fairway bunkers thru the fairway and on left of the green. The 5th is a par five that bends left. It has a generous landing area. A high draw off the tee will give you a greenlight to go for it. The 6th is a split fairway that ate my lunch. There is more room left but a longer carry. I have thought about the best way to play this hole after mucking it up and I think the best answer is go to side where the pin is. If it is left go left and if it is right go right. The 7th is a mid-yardage par three. However, it is uphill take an extra club. The 8th is a beast, 480 yard par four dogleg left. The fairway runs out about 150 yards from the green as a stream bisects the fairway. The front finishes with a good birdie oppty. Dogleg right with a handful of bunkers on the inside elbow. The fairway is generous, do not get overexcited and try to bite off the dog. Left of the bunker complex will give you a go for it with an attack iron.

The back starts with a par five that bends left. I am sure some can get home, but the margin of error is low. Play it as a three shotter. Favor the right off the tee. The 11th is a birdie hole that leans right. The ideal tee shot is just left of the fairway cross bunker. I hope you birdied 11 as 12 is a 496 yard par four. While there are no hazards on this straightaway par four other than trees the fairway narrows as you approach the green. Tough hole. The 13th is the shortest hole and rated the easiest. The 14th leans left and a fairway bunker on the inside hourglasses the fairway. Right of center is best off the tee and the same on the approach as there are two greenside bunkers left. The 15t is the last par five and it has a ginormous landing area. I was so excited I hooked it into the trees. Play it as a three shotter. If you hit three average shots you will be putting for birdie. The 16h is fun short par four that bends left with the green tucked behind the water hazard that runs down the entire left side. There is no sense trying to be a hero here as there are also several bunkers left of the fairway before the water hazard. Consider laying up, put your tee shot in the fairway and attack the pin. There is a tree in the middle of the fairway that may mess with your head if you let it. The 17th is the longest par three and is the number four handicap. I hit driver and was lucky to make par. The 18th is a gunch carry with the green tucked behind a couple of bunkers left.

I would pay to play this course again.

May 28, 2021
6 / 10
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