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Cape Kidnappers, those famous aerial pictures had me desperate to play this course one day, and that day came last month. It was a flat calm and beautiful sunny afternoon and I have to say the drive from taupo wasn’t half bad in itself! Like Kauri Cliffs you come across another locked gate that opens this time to an interesting 10 minute drive over sheep laden hills that really gets you thinking ‘when are we ever going to get there?! Not much glimpse of the views on route and even when you arrive at the cattle ranch style clubhouse you are not greeted by the views that Kauri Cliffs offers though the overall quality of the place is obvious.

We splashed out on some caddies for this round, a couple of Americans continuing their golf course management education who were nice guys ( albeit mine had only been around for a week and wasn’t the most experienced around the course). It was a great experience having the freedom to stroll down the fairways free of the sticks none the less and I would highly recommend it even if only as a one off.

So the course overall is excellent but as previous reviews have stated, the sensational views are there but slightly more fleeting than up at Kauri Cliffs. Highlights on the front 9 that plays a fair degree inland for most for me would be 1, 5, 6 and 7. The 6th is monster 230 yarder over a gorge that is certainly a bit reminiscent of kauri cliffs. You soon see the very different design that Doak has employed here compared to its sister course up north. Less manicured, slightly more intimidating and natural looking, almost more old fashioned I suppose.

His minimalist design is certainly encapsulated on a few holes in the back 9, notably the aptly named ‘infinity’ 12th and ‘pirates plank’ 15th. The 12th on that day was almost dream like, walking along the grass towards this green that just seemed to be floating on the edge of a ridiculous turquoise watery backdrop, a moment never to be forgotten.. The 15th is a bit controversial, bunkerless, dead straight par 5 though it just messed with my head with 500 feet to the left and maybe 200 feet past the bushes to the right, I was just intimidated on the tee and promptly hit an abysmal tee shot before actually rescuing a bogey at the end. Whether its just a link hole to the famous 16th tee or is it a masterstroke in golf psychology I’m not quite sure. Other memorable ones on the back 9, I would rate the 13th and 14th as excellent with the ‘road hole’ imitation green on the latter bringing a smile to the face.. The bucket green on 18th is also a quirky feature that I liked.

So overall it’s not quite what you expect from the pictures, and a very different experience to both Kauri and Kinloch. It’s often voted as no 1 in NZ though I’m not sure I would rate it as that myself. Perhaps It needs a couple of rounds to more fully appreciate the subtlety that I may have missed. I d be more than happy to return and learn some more.

Date: January 10, 2013

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