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I loved the whole King Island experience, and Cape Wickham is clearly the pick of the golf - one of the best new courses I've played, and staying there is golf heaven.

The whole of the west coast of King Island could be made into quality links golf (think Royal Aberdeen/Murcar * 20), with inland areas also begging for a Sand Hills development, but sadly the isolation mitigates against this ! I played Cape Wickham in an unusual 4 club easterly wind - I learnt that you never move cows on KI during an easterly Cape Wickham Golf Course - Photo by reviewer since they are completely disorientated, and I felt the same. For a golfer of my mediocre ability downwind greens were extremely hard to hold or run onto, and upwind par 4 and 5's were murderous.

As a new course something I loved was that the first cut rough was also fescue, giving tufty transitions that one typically associates with historic courses - most of the new courses down here seem to have marram waiting very close to the fairway, like Trump Aberdeen.

There are more classic seaside and dunes holes here than you can shake a stick at, many of which would be signature elsewhere, and I won't attempt to better the comprehensive hole by hole reviews here.

I'll just say that John Geary and his team are doing an amazing job here with a relatively small team producing a unique stay and play destination for quality links golf on a lovely island deserving its place on golfing bucket lists.

As an aside, if you do go into the deep rough it contains snakes, like the chilled out copperhead I met on a path on the back nine; I'd started to ignore the "snakes seen here" signs to look for balls, but rough was strictly water hazard from then on !

Date: February 18, 2020

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