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I have played a lot of links golf in England, Scotland, and Ireland, so I usually cringe when I read that a course is "links like." Unfortunately, I have to say that the Senator fits that bill. The "pot bunkers" are, in actuality, flat bunkers with mounds off to the side and resemble true links-style pot bunkers about as much as I resemble Harry Styles (which is very close to 0). The course is filled with sharp doglegs and ill-defined driving areas. Many of the greens are steeply sloped. Very few offered any sort of opportunity for a run-up shot. The greens were huge, tiered, and sloped to a degree that doesn't resemble any sort of green I've encountered on a classic links course. Of special note is the 17th hole, which may be the most atrociously designed golf hole I've ever played. The tee shot has a lake to the left, but if you carry the lake your ball will careen down to the second hazard area just beyond. If you're short of the green, there is a severe slope that will funnel your ball down into the hazard as well. I assume the play here is two lay-ups and a wedge. Maybe I'll do better next time having some clue how the hole was designed. The best I can say is that this course reminds me of another Robert Trent Jones abomination, the Cashen Course at Ballybunion. Perhaps Mr. RTJ should have stayed away from any sort of "links" association. This was my least favorite course at Capitol Hill by far, and my rating is probably generous because I think the entire facility and complex is great and worth traveling to. If the Senator was a stand-alone course, however, I probably wouldn't play it again

Date: April 28, 2022

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