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I have been most fortunate to have played the Top 100 courses in Australia and numerous others in UK, Europe, S E Asia and throughout Oceania. Possibly the single most frequently asked question asked of me in relation to my golfing travels; What's the best course you've played?. Unequivocally, Bellmullet. Although some little while past since I played the course, your article brought back fond memories of my visit to this grand 'track'.....

I daren’t presume to phrase a more graphic portrayal of Carne than the following attributed to Eddie Hackett, a doyen of golfing architecture;

“I find that nature is the best architect . . . I try to dress up what the Good Lord provides.”


“If ever the Lord intended land for a golf course, Carne has it.”


James W. Finnigan, a most respected Irish golf writer is credited with the following;

“I am inclined to go rather far out on a limb for [Carne] by calling it the single most remote great course in the entire British Isles.”


In my most humble estimation; “This man is one fine judge of golf real-estate….”

The Club logo sports an imaginative quote; GALF CHU`RSA CHAIRN, the literal translation of which I understand to be; Nature’s Gift to Golf. Most appropriate…..

By usual Irish standards, the resident club, Carne Golf Links, at Belmullet, Co Mayo is ‘new’, opening for play in 1993. However, there is an inscrutable perception that the course has been there forever. In fact it has, simply caressed somewhat by Hackett’s deft hand.

The course can only be described as classic links, and notwithstanding I consider I played reasonably well on the day, I needed an extra few on my handicap to get close to a nett 72…..

Chris Croker, Queensland, Australia…..

Date: June 05, 2017

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