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Cathkin Braes’ position in the new Glasgow top 10 may have raised a few eyebrows, sitting proudly as it does as the number 2 course in Glasgow area chart. This places it ahead of the likes of more celebrated tracks such as Killermont, which not so long ago was in the Scottish Top 100 and Haggs Castle, which in its heyday has hosted European Tour events. Having played most of the courses in the city Cathkin Braes’ inclusion has come as no surprise to me as I always found it to be a very decent track with terrific par 3’s, testing par 4’s Cathkin Braes Golf Course - Photo by reviewerand a really tough finish, the closing 5 holes are all potential card wreckers in their own right. Not content to stand still the club has invested heavily to improve two holes, the par 3 5th and the tough 14th, the former with the installation of an alternative tee box, which I believe, has been built in a similar location to one used in the past, which changes completely how the hole has to be played. The introduction two new bunkers on the 14th also alters the way you approach the hole by converting straightforward 3 shotter to a much tougher par 5. The traps may not be too great aesthetically but they certainly do their job. Other holes of note are the par 3 16th a really stout 205 yard tough cookie with out of bounds running up the right hand side. And the opening hole, no gentle ease into your round here with nerve and a good swing required to find the sanctuary of the opening fairway which lies over an area of scrub land. Other holes of note being 3,4,10,11.17 and the home hole which is a terrific driving hole. So congratulations to Cathkin Braes, a hidden gem now gaining the recognition I feel that it is due. Perhaps now that it is on the golfing radar it will receive more praise and accolades taking it to an even higher level in future Scottish and regional charts? MPPJ

Date: September 13, 2015

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