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Montgomerie's design is good, and the course has many memorable holes. It is always in good condition with great greens. There are a few dull holes that make this course inconsistent, but the good holes make up for it.

Hole 1 is a short par four of 320/314/296 that has a downhill drive and a long, multi-levelled green pinched by two bunkers. A pretty good start.

Hole 2 is a par 3 of 183/178/141 that is one of my least favourite holes on the course. The bunkers are well placed, but it doesn't interest me.

Hole 3 is a fantastic par five of 609/584/465 that runs downhill all the way through a forested valley. One of the best golf holes in the world.

Hole 4 is the best par 3 on the course, 181/145/122 over a deep ravine with a beautifully framed green in the valley. A great golf hole.

Hole 5 is a great par four of 359/334/229 with a beautifully sited green. There is a run off on the left and the drive over the ravine makes this a great hole.

Hole 6 sits in the middle of my par 3 rankings for this course, 161/151/105 uphill. The green complex here makes this hole better than the 2nd and 14th.

Hole 7 is my favourite par four, 335/309/277 with a drive over a deep ravine to an uphill fairway. The green is shallow but wide. A great hole.

Hole 8 is a par four of 422/386/335 uphill. This hole would be boring without the bunkers. An okay hole.

Hole 9 is the last par five, 564/530/502 from an elevated tee to an uphill fairway. The bunkers are well placed and pinch the fairway in the right places.

Hole 10 is a great par four, 421/390/368 that dares you to cut the corner with the tee shot. Then it plays downhill over water to a tough green. A fantastic hole.

Hole 11 is a sharp dogleg par four of 396/390/357 with a cluster of six bunkers on the right. This would be a better hole if the green site was more interesting.

Hole 12 is a good downhill par four of 403/377/343 with a nice look and feel. Requires an approach with less club. A good hole.

Hole 13 is a fairly average par four of 399/334/294 that has well placed bunkers on the left and right of the fairway, but has a dull greensite.

Hole 14 is my least favourite hole on the course, a par 3 of 168/160/132 with five randomly placed bunkers. Too similar to the second hole as well.

Hole 15 is a good par 3 of 158/145/120 with four well placed bunkers. Similar to the fourteenth in terms of bunkers, but they are placed in better spots.

Hole 16 is a tough par four of 428/411/354 with a breathtaking downhill drive. A great challenge, but this would be a better hole with some bunkers added.

Hole 17 is a risk-reward par four of 283/273/243 which has five well placed bunkers. However, the other two bunkers are too far away from the fairway.

Hole 18 is a good par four of 406/376/368 with a downhill drive that dares you to cut the corner. Anything short of the green will roll back down the hill.

The Monty is a good course with some stunning holes (3, 4, 5, 7, 10, 12, 16) but the bland holes (2, 11, 13, 14) really let the course down, and this prevents it from getting more than four balls.

Date: June 12, 2020

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