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Me and my golf buddy have played all three CM courses and have enjoyed them all. Strangely, we found the Montgomerie the most satisfying. Of the three Ryder Cup courses we have played, I would rank the K Club highest by some margin. We enjoyed the 20/10 which is in perfect condition and very challenging, but can't seem to get as excited as some others. I was particulalry irrritated to leave my 150 yard 7 iron approach to the 18th just short, causing my ball to pitch at the top of the hill and roll back down into the water. I couldn't understand this as I had connected straight and true and would have expected the ball to land beyond the pin if anything. When I gave my sob story to the member of staff who was watching, he gave me a knowing look and said that the 150 marker was in the wrong place by mistake! It was more like 170 yards. I was pretty hacked off with this as it wrecked my chance to halve the match. On a far more positive note, the staff in general were absolutely awesome. Nothing too much bother and a thoroughly wonderful weekend experience. Great food and facilities as well. I'd definitely go again.

Date: November 16, 2009

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