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This is a follow-up to my previous reviews from 7 years ago. I was remiss in not giving an update from 2015 as I was a walking scorer at the US Open.

I walked inside the ropes Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Sunday. I was the scorer for Rory McIroy for his amazing Sunday round. What a thrill!

Sadly, the USGA let the course get out of hand. When I stopped by on Tuesday to scout the place out, I was stunned. It was already in Sunday condition. Toasted! I was like "Oh my gosh, the USGA has a problem on its hands." So sadly, Chamber did not show itself well. And I will tell you the greens looked much worse on TV than they did inside the ropes.

I have also played Chamber 10+ times as I used to live in Seattle. I am also a Links Ticket Holder in St Andrews. And I have played the likes of Muirfield (2x), Carnoustie (2x), and Royal Dornoch (4x). Yes, I am a links golf geek!

So what do I have to say about Chambers? Honestly, to me it is the most fun golf course I have ever played ANYWHERE. Even Tiger commented "You can play every hole 4-5 different ways." What fun! To have so many options and can allow your creativity to come out as you can have fun trying to play different shots. But also be prepared for a very challenging walk.

Date: January 05, 2018

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