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Chiberta is the jewel of golf in the Basque country (Spain and France included). It is a links course, but as that description goes, there are 2 types of links courses in my mind: you have your dunes courses (Muirfield for example) and your sea view courses (St Andrews for example). Chiberta is in the later category. And to be more precise, it’s even in another category. Just like Cypress Point, which starts with sea side, goes into the dunes, and then into the pines, back to the dunes and the sea side, Chiberta actually goes the other way, but has all three hole types. It starts in the pines, goes through the dunes, and onto the beach…quite literally. On the 5th, you will have to let the surfers walk across the fairway, and you will be able to watch them surf as you play the hole. Don’t get me wrong; this is not Cypress Point, as this is a public course with average maintenance. But if you were to play one course in the area, it would be this one … as its ranking would suggest

Date: April 27, 2016

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