Clear Creek - Nevada - USA

Clear Creek Tahoe,
3745 Golf Club Drive,
Carson City,
Nevada (NV) 89705,

  • +1 775 782 5888

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  • 7 miles SW of Carson City via the US-395 and US-50 highways

  • Members and their guests only

Laid out by Bill Coore and Ben Crenshaw in 2009, the visually attractive fairways of the Clear Creek Tahoe course are routed through towering Ponderosa and Jeffrey pine trees, veering past a number of prominent rocky outcrops and stone piles along the way.

Any reservations that the architects may have had about working in such a rugged mountain environment were quickly overcome when they established that the soil on site consisted of a mix of decomposed granite and sand that was at least five foot deep around the property so from that point on, it was full steam ahead with the project.

The 510-yard 3rd is a wonderful transition hole, taking the routing from the highest point on the property to one of the lowest (with a drop in elevation from tee to green of almost 200 feet) where a dry ditch runs diagonally across the fairway in front of the hole.

Another exciting hole, the 445-yard 9th, doglegs left round a massive rock pile before dropping down to an extraordinary multi-tiered green that measures 48 yards in length with a 6-foot drop from back to front.

On the back nine, which many consider even stronger than the outward half, the pick of the holes is the 450-yard 15th, where a beautiful old dry ditch runs down the left of the fairway before cutting in front of the green.

The 150-yard par three 17th is also a worthy contender for best hole on the entire card. Played slightly downhill, an intimidating waste area of large stone boulders, native scrub and sand fronts its contoured green – short off the tee is definitely not a good idea at this hole.

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Description: Built by Bill Coore and Ben Crenshaw in 2009, the sandy-soiled fairways of the Clear Creek Tahoe course weave through towering pine trees, veering past a number of prominent rocky outcrops along the way. Rating: 9.5 out of 10 Reviews: 4
Fergal O'Leary

A course that has been on my ‘wish list’ for years did not disappoint. In fact, there isn’t a course in Nevada I’d rather play, or rate higher. The only reason I could conclude that this hasn’t appeared on US Top 100 ranking lists is simply because not enough panelists have played here. If you’re a panelist with any respected institution, trust my recommendation to play Clear Creek.

While scoping the region, Bill Coore was only supposed to be onsite for 1 day – but he ended up staying 5 nights on his first visit. That speaks volumes as to what he thought of the land and the potential for greatness. You don’t need many fingers to count the number of true Mountain Courses that Coore/Crenshaw have agreed to.

People, and reviewers, often challenge if each C/C course offers something that we haven’t seen before. The sheer topography and altitude in the first place that this course is set up puts Clear Creek in a league of its own from the get-go. While the familiar bunker shaping is consistent with other layouts, the imagination with the routing and the discovery of epic green-sites is what makes you want the round to go on forever. The fairytale par 3s will make your mouth water, as will the roller-coaster longer holes that are as refreshing as the mountain air. A common feature we see from Bill Coore is wide-fairways, but when they pinch, it makes accuracy from the tee incredibly important, especially when you are fighting a mountain slope. The constant change in direction, and the high number of dog-legs (often with plateau fairways) adds to the excitement of the round as the course reveals itself to you.

This is without question a very difficult canvas to work with, but the rewards are there in spades. Spectacular elevated tee shots, a tough fight with gravity and massive putting surfaces are just the beginning of how remarkable this course is. There wasn’t a hole that wasn’t commendable, nor a feature that felt out of place. With a little experience on the greens, Clear Creek will quickly become anybody’s favourite course in the region among the towering pines. Slam dunk US Top 100 course, and by far the #1 course in Nevada.

July 19, 2020
8 / 10
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This course is outrageously good! While C&C often get praised for their inland links-style courses, do not discount this course that runs through the pine trees. It is as good as anything they have designed and a must play if you are in Nevada.

There are too many good holes to recount but my personal favorite is the 13th, a par 5 which ends in an infinity pool-like green with views looking down the mountain. I can't get over the routing, it is so good taking you over hill and dale with strategic decisions at every turn. Definitely one of the best tracks I have played!

October 09, 2017
10 / 10
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M. James Ward

When driving to Clear Creek from the central area of Carson City you ascend highway 50 and you quickly wonder how a quality golf course could be built on such abrupt terrain. Suddenly, you arrive at an exit ramp for the facility and you are taken to a spot where there's sufficient enough land to capably host a golf course.

I have had the good fortune in playing numerous Ben Crenshaw & Bill Coore golf designs. The talented duo excels in generally creating fun, classic member's courses. C&C realized early on in their partnership that too many courses were being built that were fairly one dimensional -- simply way too long for the bulk of players and devoid of key strategic details accentuating sound thinking and top tier execution. Crenshaw & Coore were in the vanguard in bringing back to life a range of classical architecture elements.

The tough part for Clear Creek is that it came into existence just as The Great Recession was hitting with full fury. What would have been an easy sell just years before became a much tougher climb with the economy in free fall.

Clear Creek resurfaced just a few years later and the course received a follow-up visit from Bill Coore in 2012 added a few retouching contributions making the course only better.

One of the first things you notice when driving onto the property is the stellar practice area -- it has it all and it's hard to tear oneself away and head to the main course.

Clear Creek is located on 1,600 acres of land but the actual golf course routing makes up only a fraction of the total. Incredibly, only 55-acres of turf area were used. The genius of C&C is that in creating courses they blend in seamlessly with the existing terrain -- not standing apart from it. Far too many architects fail to realize that the wherewithal to work in concert with Mother Nature is so important in giving players a real sense of what being at a given location is all about.

Interestingly, the 1st hole at Clear Creek was an uphill long par-4 hole often playing into the prevailing breeze and featuring a demanding green with fall-offs on each side. When Coore returned in '12 -- the hole was changed to a par-5 and somewhat lengthened. The idea was to give players an opportunity to stretch muscles and not be so overwhelming right off the bat.

You'll never forget the stunning par-4 508-yard 3rd -- plunging 200-feet from tee-to-green. But, the key when playing the hole is how C&C mandate players shape their tee shots to gain a maximum advantage. The back tee is 5,830 elevation above sea level and the view from there is simply mesmerizing.

What is truly striking is how C&C are able to route the layout in such a way that abrupt uphill terrain changes are not forced upon the players. The 7th hole plays 459-yards and is aptly named "relentless" -- featuring a 3-foot rise in the back right corner to keep approach shots from going over and into certain oblivion. The closing hole on the outward side is one of the finest C&C holes I've played. There's no less than six-feet of elevation change from back-to-front -- the most ever on a C&C layout. Just a grand vista from tee-to-green -- when pin is in front it takes special care and attention.

The inward half of holes is not located on such hilly terrain but the total diversity of holes is arguably more comprehensive. The 10th -- called "swift's station" is a muscular par-4 of 470 yards -- there's a wide fairway but the hole is fortified by a deceptive false front that must be respected.

The 13th hole called, "contemplation," is a 635-yard dog-leg right par-5 featuring a delicious green providing a stunning backdrop of the Carson Range of the Sierra Mountains.

Generally, a C&C course will include a devilish short par-4 and the 14th hole fits that bill. At 320 yards it would appear to be a pushover and easy birdie. Quite the contrary. The longer you seek to hit the ball the narrower the landing zone becomes. The green is another first rate creation -- long and narrow and calling upon players to possess a deft touch with the wedge.

As good as the 14th is - the par-4 15th at 448 yards is brilliant stuff. A dry creek bed swings in on the left of fairway and then cross on right side of green. Positioning -- not simply blind power -- carries the day here.

Equally memorable is the par-3 17th at 148 yards. Appropriately named "temptation" the approach is played from an elevated tee to a green that provides an array of internal contours that will prove vexing to all but the surest of putters. Knowing how to include crucial change of pace holes is what makes a top tier routing - a quality that C&C have few peers. The closing hole is a risk/reward par-5 hole that gives players one last final opportunity in leaving with a smile. I liked the hole but feel it failed to provide the absolute tying together from what you experienced up to that point.

All in all, Clear Creek is another first rate layout by C&C. The duo excel in never mandating a certain type of shot on any hole they create -- options are presented -- the player ultimately makes the final call. Consummate shotmaking is de rigueur. Proper positioning, not just mindless lugging the ball, is always a foremost consideration to score well. Clear Creek provides a wonderful setting -- the air so refreshing -- the backdrop of pines working so harmoniously. A true treat to play.

by M. James Ward

June 01, 2017
10 / 10
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Having played plenty of mountain courses, this is easily my favorite. Every hole is framed beautifully by Jeffrey Pines with some having spectacular mountain back-drops, like the picturesque view you see when making your way to 13th green. Unlike most mountain courses, Coore/Crenshaw was able to keep Clear Creek very walkable which I thought just added to the overall great experience. The course is definitely not easy, but still plays fair and rewards good shots.

May 02, 2017
10 / 10
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